Being Intolerant of the Intolerant is Intolerant

There are things in this world which people are not supposed to think about. “Taboos”, they are called. But why would we want taboos to exist?

Perhaps you are an open-minded person, perhaps you are not. Either way, you have a certain image of yourself, and you would like to keep it that way. Only few would consider themselves to be ignorant or intolerant, as everyone has their own beliefs of what should be tolerated and what should not. But have you ever tried to be truly open-minded?

Picture a black person who opposes racism. Then picture a white person who supports racism and who believes in segregation. Immediately (I hope), you will conclude that the white person is ignorant, intolerant and closed-minded. He is just another outdated idiot who feels like he is better than the rest of the world, and who displays this by spreading hate. In short, he is an awful excuse for a human being.

You can deny it, but that is a pretty decent summary of what you would think of someone who supports segregation. But have you considered that this is actually a very quick judgement? And that perhaps it might be quite closed-minded to come to such conclusions so swiftly? Have you ever tried to consider it purely from their point of view? To look at the issue subjectively as if you were in their shoes?

Probably not.

But try it some time. Prove how open-minded you are and try to imagine the issue purely from their point of view. Don’t get angry. Don’t ignore them. Just try to think about it. That is what it truly means to be open-minded.

Of course, I hope that after this you will still come to the conclusion that segregation is wrong, but at least you would have given the man a chance, just like you hope that he would give your views a chance. Do keep opposing those people and stand up for your own views, but make sure that you don’t make the same mistake as they do. Not only will it make sure that you are not ignorant like them, but it will make you learn, and it will make sure that you can argue for your views even better.

This goes for everything. Any time you’re in an argument or discussion, the best thing is always to stay open-minded. As soon as you judge a person’s intolerance without considering their view, you are being intolerant yourself, and intolerance is bad.

This is why I support open-minded thinking. It’s impossible for one person to always keep that up, but to try to do it as much as possible is a goal you can set for yourself. Not only will it improve your own tolerance, but it might also enhance your own views, and through that, your ability to persuade others of your beliefs will be even greater. Open-minded thinking can truly improve the world.


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