Lesbian Teen Taken to Court for High-School Romance

Imagine this: You’re 17 and you fall in love with someone who is 14. Then your birthday comes and you turn 18, but rather than a birthday party, you get sued by the family of your girlfriend. That is basically what happened to 18 year old Kaitlyn Hunt, who was unfortunate enough to have a girlfriend whose parents still believed that being gay was wrong (a full story can be found here).

The most appalling thing about this story, to me, is the fact that not only is the girl actually being taken to court which could make her end up with a criminal record, but she has actually been expelled from her school regardless of the fact that she is now in her last few weeks before graduating.

It is already ridiculous enough that such a girl ends up in court in the first place, but at least there is hope that she will be acquitted. Where I live, no judge would ever condemn an 18 year old for being in a relationship with a 15 year old, because anyone in their right mind can imagine that things like this are not acts of paedophilia.

After all, are you really suggesting that it was fine for these girls to date one moment, and then from one day to another, it became illegal? So illegal that she faces charges which might ruin her entire career? It is pathetic, and seeing as this is a teenage relationships, it is absolutely ridiculous that these accusations are actually being taken seriously. It is not the age difference that is a problem for the other girl’s parents, but it is the fact that their daughter happens to be gay, which for these religious people is not acceptable.

However, a school or a judge should never judge a case based on the person’s sexuality. If it had been a heterosexual relationship, I can’t imagine this ever having gone to court, unless the US is even more of a third world country than I already thought it was. Decisions like these are unacceptable, and it is really time to do something about it.

Currently, there is a petition on the web which, at the time of writing, has already reached over 50.000 signatures, but more support is always welcome. So please, even though most likely neither you nor I knows this girl, sign the petition to try and make sure that she doesn’t see her career ruined before she has even had the opportunity to prove herself, and if you can, share this message, so that as many people as possible can show their support.

It might not be much, but it is all we can do for her, and perhaps it might make some people in that school realise that they were wrong, and that rather than rejecting her, they should be helping these girls, as they are obviously going through a very rough time. Every little bit helps, and if relationships like this are actually forbidden by law, then it’s about time those laws are changed, and that can only be done by spreading the word. We can’t let trials like this happen without taking a stance.


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