How Science Proves That We Actually Don’t Exist

Yep, this is going to be fun! I will propose the most convincing theory on the origin of mankind you have ever read, backed up by the wonderful concept of science! You know… sort of anyway… Beware, though: there might be a high velocity of irony, philosophy and perhaps some subtle mockery ahead!

So… first of all, an issue which seems to have been chasing humanity through the ages is the issue of our existence. How can we possibly exist? This fundamental question has led to the emergence of hundreds, if not thousands of different religions, and, more recently, also to a lot of scientific research that began ever since Darwin put forward his controversial theory of evolution.

Now, the nice thing about science is that it can actually be reasoned against. Religion, on the other hand, is something that is hard, if not impossible, to disprove, as there seems to be no reason to think that there is not some almighty being up there in the sky. The only reason to think that there isn’t would be if you asked the question “How can that almighty being possibly exist?”, but then again, we already asked that question about the existence of mankind, and asking the same question twice… well… that’s just too confusing for this blog post.

So let’s stick with criticising science for now. The general scientific view seems to be that mankind evolved from apes, and that those apes in turn evolved from other creatures until eventually every species in existence right now can be traced back to the same cell that once decided to become a living organism. Although some will argue against this view, it seems fair, and at the very least a strongly religious person would probably have to admit that it does seem like God (or whatever other deity) intended us to think just that. After all, why else would He/they leave all those clues?

Most evolutionists use this evidence as their reason to disregard the idea of “God” as irrational drivel made up by people who were just too ignorant to know any better. However, the thing is… it doesn’t really prove anything.

When humanity started questioning the reasons for its own existence, it makes sense that they wanted to know the specifics, including the very first occurrence of anything that wasn’t “nothing.” Currently, scientists are still unsure about this, as all they know is that there was a big bang once upon a time, and that after that the planets were created. But the question an evolutionist does not like to hear while debating the existence of God is the question “How did that big bang happen in the first place?”

Of course, the easy answer is “We don’t know yet, but that doesn’t matter.” The thing is, though… it kind of does matter. It is a fundamental flaw in evolutionism, especially for one very simple reason: science has proven that it is impossible for “nothing” to become “something”. One cell can become two cells, a bacteria can become a human being, but according to science, it is impossible for “nothing” to become an atom or a molecule.

And there it is: how did anything ever come into existence if it cannot be created out of nothing? Science has just disproven itself, and the idea that mankind has come into existence without the help of a God has just become complete rubbish. “1-0 to the creationists!” you might think.

There is just one more problem… How did God ever come into existence? Science has shown us that everything has a beginning and that it is impossible for something to be created out of nothing, but seeing as God is also a “something” (or perhaps more of a someone, but that’s a different subject), it basically means that God cannot exist either. Unfortunately, that brings us back to where we started: how then did mankind ever come into existence?

There is only one remaining answer: we didn’t. Yep, sorry. You don’t exist. It’s just scientifically impossible. I can imagine that this is difficult to deal with, but well… reality can hurt sometimes. Or actually… there is no reality… because well… we don’t exist, and neither does anything else…

Now, you might be like Descartes and exclaim “I’m right here! I can think! I exist!”, but it’s just not possible. It seems like even idealists are wrong, because how can we live in an imaginary world if there is nothing to imagine? The fact that the world isn’t real doesn’t make it fake, because for it to be fake, something would have to exist!

There is merely one counter argument to this wonderful philosophy of life, and that is that science is wrong. Only religion is able to explain our existence, because only religion can suggest that there is a certain deity who is exempt from all the rules of nature and who was able to be created out of nothing. Still, we live in the age of science, so the general consensus is that science is right. Therefore, to put it bluntly, we just don’t exist. Sorry.


Despite the fact that we do not exist, the non-existent author of this blog would be very interested in your non-existent opinions (which, by the way, would have sounded rather rude if we had actually existed…) Additionally, some non-existent likes or shares would be very much appreciated as well, although you are welcome to make those likes and shares as existent as you possibly can. Which you can’t. Because you don’t exist. But still, please do try. As a reward I will give you all the non-existent cookies in the entire non-existent world!

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29 Responses to How Science Proves That We Actually Don’t Exist

  1. Thank you. I’ve been looking for you for all these years. God. I finally got a reasonable answer about the reason we exist. You use your own criteria based on the religion, science, truth or false, myths, etc… Wow. I’m really surprised about your essay. The best essay I’ve ever seen on my whole life.

    Since I was a kid I remember to question everyone why did we existed. Who has made us and all that. And the answer used to be because of the big bang or because of God. And then I would say to my mom: Then, who created God? And my mom would reply: God created God (himself). And I was left with a disappointing answer and inconclusive question with eternal curiosity.

    God I don’t have the words because they literally don’t exist to describe how awesome your speech is. Really, now I can see life different. Your analysis is so complex, and touches a lot of topics. I really like your point of view on life. I would be gladly to keep you in my contact list, you’re the type of revolutionary mind the world needs nowadays. I will spread your ideology as much as I can, and thank you again, now I can deduce easily why we exist (which we don’t). Thank you very much really, 5 STARS ARTICLE.

  2. Cedy Roy says:

    I’ve never read such utter nonsense in my life, one paradoxical statement after another. A mixture of science and god arguments which were inherently bias. The paragraph you wrote about Descartes was the most incoherent thing i’ve ever read in my life. Comparing the idea that god’s existence is a possibility based on the fact that there is no real way of proving that he doesn’t exist & that some aspects of science can be argued and discredited, therefore the god argument isn’t completely fallacious is absurd. You can most definitely prove that the ” personal god ” most have been ” programmed ” to believe in doesn’t exist, to an architect there must logically be an architect who created him, this idea would give birth to a never ending cycle, therefore the idea of god is redundant, Agreed. Science is the ability to make sense of the universe we live In, apparently you lack a significant amount of knowledge pertaining to it. Science is indeed proving that it possible for ” nothing ” to become ” something”. The Greeks were the first to conceptualize that ” something” can’t be made out of ” nothing”, which makes sense to most people, but it is false. I don’t have time to delineate a coherent argument, if you can wrap your head around Stephen Hawkins teachings, read some of his books. The laws of the universe, cosmological constant etc & the ability to ask yourself ” why is this prick so arrogant ” is proof that, at some point and time, you unequivocally, existed.

    • David says:

      if something can come from nothing, wouldnt that be the, prime law of physics. That I could just with a thought create 1 million dollars out of nothing.

  3. David says:

    I like your post about not existing.

    I was thinking about this quite reciently, because someone had said that, if something does not exist then its in your mind and therefore, because it does not exist in reality, you cannot say yes or no to it, is a not something.

    This to me is evidence of the existance of god, and the reason is, is that god is reality. He is the science behind the physical science.

    And I think regardless of what science says that something cant come from nothing therefore there is no god. I think science demands that thats the only explanation that facilitates reality.

    What do you think?

  4. Each and every single instant we look at something it’s already that much older than it

    was just an instant before. Instants of time just keep pushing us to an inevitable end

    just as waves on a beach push seaweed to shore.

    No matter how long we live that instant one passes would make life seem like a blink of an

    eye although at that instant one wouldn’t be conscious to think about that. One doesn’t

    exist before or after ones conscious life. Once we are gone we’re gone forever and for-never

    for that very reason. We won’t have consciousness to know we once lived and we had no

    consciousness before we were conceived.

    This thinking leads me to wonder how one could possibly have consciousness at all, didn’t

    before and won’t after so why does one have it during life? Once we’re gone “It’s” gone

    too and just as time doesn’t seem to exist while one is unconscious so will all and

    everything one has ever known while alive. Zoom ahead to the end of the Earth, universe,

    galaxies, EVERYTHING. Everything will cease as though it never happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t see how your posting here, serves to help or inform someone’s mind as to the question if we exist.
      However your comment leaves out some important issues, I.e why talk about something which you say ultimately is for nothing, and the end of earth and the end of everything, that’s a big prediction. What do you mean by everything? Problem!
      The thing I would have to say to people who think as you do and that is this,
      “If you believe that everything that exists in creation came from nothing, then what is so unbelievable about a man rising from the dead”?

  5. Legionkingz says:

    Subjective idealism proposes that only what is perceived by the mind exist. under this idea if one was to walk out of a room, the room and all its contents would cease to exist.

    • David says:

      I have heard this before about leaving the room, at it no longer exists. Does your logic and reason, your experience of reality tell you that the room is no longer there?
      You know that if you put the kettle on in the kitchen that even after you have left the kitchen to leave the kettle to boil, you know instantly when you go back the kettle will be there for you to pour your cup of tea. Ignoring logic and reason which exists and aids your critical thinking, is a serious problem in todays society.

      • As interesting as the philosophical side of this mini-discussion is, what I personally find the most interesting is your comment “this is a problem in todays society”.

        That is something we do so often, because we are convinced that “today’s society” is somehow special in how terrible it is and how stupid its people are, but…subjective idealism dates back to the early 1700s. It’s a theory first proposed by the British empiricist George Berkeley, so it has absolutely nothing to do with the “failing” of today’s society.

        We can’t keep blaming everything on modern society. It’s absolutely pointless and a very bad way to try and win an argument.

        • David says:

          ok I have never heard of the man.
          secondly I said : Ignoring logic and reason which exists and aids your critical thinking, is a serious problem in todays society.
          I did not say quote: We can’t keep blaming everything on modern society.
          The blame is that those in athority that govern society want to push a standard based on peoples feelings. Think about the scottish voting for independence, what I observe here is two sides, basing their trust in the yes and the no, on what. What standard exactly? At a glance I would ask what kind of a society will either side create?
          We completely ignore these questions. Why?

  6. Legionkingz says:

    Metaphysical solipsism argues that no reality exist but ones own mind. As your mental state is the only thing you have true access to, nothing outside of that can be real.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So you actually think that we don’t exist, eh? Then explain how you can make this blog.

    That science you learned is fake! If we didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be alive!

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