Atheists Are Just as Ignorant as Those They Find Ignorant

Last week I explained my (mainly ironic) view of how the world must have been created, but today I wanted to discuss a subject that is more or less related to that ever-returning problem: the fact that many atheists aren’t as open-minded as they claim to be.

Although the Western world has millions of atheists, and therefore this of course doesn’t go for all of them, the vocal part of this group often tries to convince other people of how right they really are. They are convinced that their beliefs are the right ones, and that anyone who does believe in a God is just ignorant and superstitious, almost as if every non-atheist is in a state of denial.

A good example is a Youtuber called The Amazing Atheist. He has a lot of opinions on many different things, and often he has a really good point. However… he is probably the most closed-minded Youtuber I have ever come across. He has made comments on feminism and religion that show that he has no regard for other people’s views and situations, while at the same time, as an atheist, he has the impression that he is very progressive and that he is the one who is able to think clearly.

In reality, especially if you take into account the things I wrote last week, he has no more evidence to back up his atheism than religious people have to back up their religion. His ideas are just as “improbable” as anyone else’s, and by being so utterly convinced of his own right and other people’s stupidity, he becomes no better than those religious people he calls ignorant.

Perhaps it’s even worse than that: most religious people are able to accept that others might have a different religion. Of course they all believe that their view is the right one, but the average Muslim or European Christian won’t say that another religious person is stupid for their different beliefs. Wrong, sure, but not stupid.

In that respect, these vocal atheists like The Amazing Atheist are just as bad as those ignorant (mainly American) Christians they so strongly oppose. By despising their “enemy” so much, they have become just like them, with the same ignorance and the same stupidity.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with having strong beliefs. Whether you’re an atheist, a Buddhist or a Muslim, having your own beliefs about the world is great, and, quite likely, at least one of those world views out there is actually right. However, to believe that others are stupid for having different views, and being so ignorant as to think you have to drag the rest of the world out of their “stupidity”, is a terribly medieval thing to do, and definitely not something an “educated atheist” should find themselves doing. If you truly are as clever as you think you are, then at the very least you need to respect other people’s beliefs and accept that you have no more evidence than they do.


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17 Responses to Atheists Are Just as Ignorant as Those They Find Ignorant

  1. paarsurrey says:

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    Paarsurrey says:
    I mostly agree with you.

    Thanks and regards

  2. William Flesher says:

    Great article. There’s another important point to raise here: I’m not even sure “militant” atheists understand what religion is supposed to be about. The whole backlash against religion is against the sort of medieval values which most modern believers seldom uphold. The God who sits atop a cloud, smiting homosexuals with lightning bolts is increasingly becoming a strawman argument, and the men who perpetuate this inaccurate view of belief really should know better.

  3. Joan says:

    I feel like many people today have lost the concept of spirituality, especially in the west. Hot headed atheists see this as weak minded and hot headed religious followers are so obsessed with what their book says that they forget about the spiritual aspect. I guess you could also call this spirituality open-mindedness: Willing to gain insight on the world and its people. Maybe not accepting it, but at least hearing it out instead of attacking people. You share what you believe and if you don’t agree get up and move on. We live in a time where people want to argue and where people want to always be right. To me that is where we’ve actually lost intelligence over time. If people could be more open-minded I wonder if this would change or is it even possible for people to be open-minded.

    • I absolutely agree. And to your last question… perhaps not. It’s a very good question that might deserve a post all of its own, because there are many things to consider. Open-mindedness definitely doesn’t seem to be our default state, anyway, and it really is something we have to strive for to achieve.

      But yes, we do seem to have lost the concept of spirituality, and in many ways, that is a big loss.

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