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Different Perspectives: The West Is No Less Violent Than The Middle East

For years I used to try and convince people that Islam is not so bad at all, and that terrorists are just a few bad apples in an inherently good system. I was forced to admit that Islam did lead … Continue reading

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Western Authority Might Always Keep Us Ignorant of Islam

While I was browsing the web for interesting perspectives a few days ago, I came across yet another article that portrayed Islam very negatively, as usual posted on a pro-atheism website. That, combined with many other examples of people in … Continue reading

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Nationalism Is Dangerous And Should Be Eradicated

Ever since I started this blog I have shown a certain contempt of nationalism, and perhaps it’s about time I explain my reasons for it. To me, nationalism is one of the greatest evils in this world, or at the … Continue reading

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Can Someone Like Hitler be Blamed for his Actions?

Adolf Hitler: the man who started a persecution and a war that would end up killing millions of people, whether they were Jews, Communists, gay or just not perfectly the way he wanted them to be. He was an absolute … Continue reading

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Once-weekly Posts on Monday

Today is Friday, and usually that would mean a new blog post. Unfortunately, however, university has started again, and since I’m also doing an extra programme, I just don’t have the time to write two decent blog posts a week. … Continue reading

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