Why Again Do Europeans Worship The US?

So… the US government has shut down. I would have said “Finally, it was about time!”, but unfortunately shutting down the government won’t exactly lead to anything less awful. It won’t make the US government become at least a little less conservative and it won’t help those who really need the government in times of trouble. In fact, it is extremely destructive for those who need all the help they can get, because it is the poor who will suffer. But… for what reasons exactly?

Sure, perhaps it will just have to be admitted that the US will never become as progressive and forward-thinking as Europe, and it will clearly take a very long time before the LGBT-community gets the rights they deserve. Even extreme racism and sexism still exists in the US and the word “socialist” has somehow turned into an insult, so clearly, the situation is quite desperate and any step in the right direction should be seen as a huge victory. Still… I had hope that at least the situation for the poor would be improving…

The first of October was supposed to be a great day. It was the day when finally, the US would be joining the rest of the developed world in having a decent health-care system that does not only cater to the rich and lets the poor die because they cannot afford the medicine they need. Of course, they were late and half the country still thinks it’s a bad idea, but if I’ve learned anything the past few years it’s that you shouldn’t expect much better from the US. No matter how it was achieved, it was a giant leap in the right direction.

Except now there’s no government. About 9 million people will not receive their food-aid, many more will lose a couple of days of salary which they so desperately need to be able to pay the rent and people living of tourism might see their income collapse for perhaps even a few weeks. Even worse: all that is assuming that this shut down will only last a couple of days and that the American politicians who are in charge won’t be too stubborn and proud to give in. Something I’m not betting any of my money on, seeing as American politicians are pretty darn good at being stubborn and ignorant.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that the US has made its way into a very pathetic situation. Politicians are so incredibly stubborn and conservative that they are willing to shut down the government for an undetermined time, leaving millions of people to suffer, and all that “for the people.” It is pathetic that such politicians, who care more about pride than about the poor, have been chosen to lead a nation. It’s already strange enough that Americans even have any respect for their own country, but can anyone explain to me why exactly, considering all this, half of Europe seems to worship them? It’s about time the US takes Europe’s example and stops ruining their own people’s lives.


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2 Responses to Why Again Do Europeans Worship The US?

  1. As a citizen of an european country I feel like the U.S.A. is really glorified here. I think the reason can be found in centuries of propaganda which aimed to attract the masses and involve them to migrate in the U.S.. Before the internet it was hard to find the truth (or negative notes) about the U.S.A. in the media, what we all had was the idea of this wonderful american dream every american could have reached. The land of possibilities, the land of freedom of speech, the land of the pursuit of happiness. And I think this cultural heritage is still huge among europeans; if you tell people about the rate of poverty, healthcare system or capital punishment in the United States, they will be like “Yes, but you know… nobody’s perfect”. That’s true, nobody is perfect but it seems that people are more open to justify U.S.A.’s imperfections rather than any other country imperfections.

    • Indeed, and it’s not just in Europe: the US itself suffers from that same problem. It is as if we are still stuck in the 18th century, as if the country never changed since it was founded.

      Thanks for your comment!

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