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Rape Culture Does Not Exist In The West

There are few things in this world about which feminists from all sides actually agree, but the idea that the West is afflicted by a “culture” of rape seems to be one of the exceptions. It is a topic that … Continue reading

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The Death of Chivalry: Giving Up Your Seat For a Woman

Recently I saw a discussion about an article on chivalry, in which the general consensus seemed to be that chivalry was dead. They argued that not enough men still acted chivalrous, and that anyone who didn’t do things such as … Continue reading

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Delusions Of Grandeur: The US Is “The Most Respected Nation In History”

As much as nationalism can be destructive, sometimes it’s just outright funny. This is one of those times. Of course, from the average American citizen, a comment such as the one mentioned in the title is to be expected, but … Continue reading

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Railway Privatisation: The West is Still Obsessed With Anti-Communism

It’s been over two decades since the Cold War ended, but it seems like we are still equally obsessed with avoiding anything that even looks remotely like Communism. In the case of some countries, that means a full refusal to … Continue reading

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Gay Rights and Russia: My Look Back at the War of 2014

Rather than going for my usual format, I decided to write a short story in fictional form. I hope you enjoy! ~ It’s the 7th of February 2024, the 10 year anniversary of when it all began. I still remember … Continue reading

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