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To make it easier to navigate through this blog, below you will find a list of the top 20 most popular posts. These are all posts that I think you’ll enjoy reading (especially the entire top 7), and they should also serve as a good way to familiarise yourself with my blog if this is your first time coming here! It will be updated regularly.

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1. Our Purpose: A Simple and Concrete Explanation of the Meaning of Life

2. Is Islamophobia The New Anti-Semitism?

3. How Science Proves That We Actually Don’t Exist

4. The Problem With Masculinity And Why It Affects You

5. The West: Where You’re Innocent Until Proven Guilty Unless You’re A Muslim

6. Nationalism Is Dangerous And Should Be Eradicated

7. Adultism: Teenagers And Young Adults Have The Power

8. Atheists Are Just as Ignorant as Those They Find Ignorant

9. Feminism Is Losing Its Touch

10. We Are All Ignorant: Social Media And The News

11. White People’s Opinion on Racism is Important

12. Western Tyranny and the Olympics: Stop Harassing Russia over its Human Rights Record

13. Being Selfless Is Extremely Selfish

14. Things You Shouldn’t Think You Know About Islam

15. America is a Third World Country

16. The Truth About Your Country

17. The Dream of a City (Entry Essay Writing Competition)

18. Freedom of Speech is an Illusion

19. Countries With The Death-Penalty: Pick The Odd One Out

20. First World Problems Are Just As Important As Third World Problems



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