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Why Advertisement Is The Most Important Invention Of The Past Two Centuries

Everyone is familiar with it. Piles of paperwork in your letterbox, huge billboards in your local shopping centre and at least five seconds of nonsense before you can watch your YouTube video: advertisement is everywhere. But as annoying as it … Continue reading

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Feminism is Losing its Touch

Yesterday I was watching one of Laci Green’s videos, which, as usual, brewed up some criticism within me. I very much enjoy watching her videos, but I fear that the main reason for that is because they inspire me to … Continue reading

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Being Intolerant of the Intolerant is Intolerant

There are things in this world which people are not supposed to think about. “Taboos”, they are called. But why would we want taboos to exist? Perhaps you are an open-minded person, perhaps you are not. Either way, you have … Continue reading

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