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The War in the Middle East: An End In Sight?

In a week like this, you might expect me to give my insights on Charlie Hebdo and everything surrounding it. But I won’t. I assume that for regular readers it isn’t difficult to guess what my views are, and either … Continue reading

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Are Islamic Countries Violent, Extremist and Anti-Democratic?

“You don’t think the Justice system in Muslim countries is somehow more primitive or subjugates women more than in other countries?” That is a question a very confused CNN news anchor asked Reza Aslan, a writer and academic in the field … Continue reading

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Different Perspectives: The West Is No Less Violent Than The Middle East

For years I used to try and convince people that Islam is not so bad at all, and that terrorists are just a few bad apples in an inherently good system. I was forced to admit that Islam did lead … Continue reading

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A Story About Two Little Boys Called Russia and America

Since the irony in last week’s blog seemed to be appreciated, I figured I’d do something similar today. This time it is an opinion written in the form of a children’s story. The reason I wrote it is because of … Continue reading

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